Thematic Areas

3 Thematic Areas

The second cycle will build on the relevance and success of the following Communities:

Women and Girls

This thematic area serves to support ambitious initiatives that promote gender equity and address the urgent need for progress among women and girls. By looking at women’s and girl’s well-being from birth to old age as interconnected periods, we can plan preventative interventions early in life that keep girls and women healthier across their lifespans.

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Meaningful Engagement of PLWNCDs and Mental Health Conditions

This thematic area focuses on understanding the ways, in which, PLWNCDs can and are being meaningfully involved across various sectors, including government, inter-government organisations and civil society.

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NCDs and the Next Generation

This thematic area focuses to promote and advance participation of young people in the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases locally, nationally, regionally and globally, engaging the next generation in discussions and actions that promote innovative solutions to the challenge of NCDs.

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