Knowledge Action Portal on NCDs

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Meaningful Engagement of People Living with NCDs and Mental Health Conditions

Create and sustain meaningful engagement of people living with NCDs and mental health conditions to build community resilience and participative decision-making.

Invaluable insights and active participation of individuals with lived experience

The right to participate in one’s care is a fundamental part of the human right to the highest attainable standard of health and is included in the constitution of the World Health Organization. Including people with lived experiences into health policy, governance and decision-making has already proven successful in multiple other public health programmesand is increasingly being recognized as a linchpin to tackling the global NCD epidemic.

Individuals and communities with first-hand experience ofliving with NCDs and mental health conditions hold the key to designing effective, inclusive, and equitable health interventions that leave no one behind. Their voices can unlock opportunities to overcome barriers in accessing and sustaining health care.

Through submissions of community-led and locally driven projects, this thematic areais looking to offer a collaborative platform for innovative ideas led by individuals with lived experience.

Steering Group Members

Alex Kwok
Bruno Helman
Casja Lindberg
Chantelle Booysen
Joab Wako
Kate Armstrong
Kate Swaffer
Liliana Tieri
Mark Thomaz Ugliara Barone
Michael Uchunor
Patrick Browne
Sita Ratna Devi Dudd
Shanthi Mendis
Vivienne Sserumaga Mulema
Mychelle Farmer
Bianca Hemmingsen